Make your site more powerful

Ever wanted to use form data on your WordPress Elementor site?
Ever wanted to customize a page from an ad, email, social media account or email?
Use GET and POST variables to add greater personalization and functionality to your website.

Out of the Box Compatible

Use GET and POST variables with any Elementor plugin that uses dynamic tags.


Use if/then logic to further customize messages, colours and design.


Use regular expressions to control output from other plugins and services.

The most powerful dynamic tag plugin available. And for free…

Have you ever wished you could customize a page based on where a visitor came from or personalize a landing page from an email?

Why free?

We developed this plugin out of a need to extend Elementor’s dynamic tags. Even with Elementor Pro and premium themes and plugins, we could not get the granular control we needed. So we built it.

Ability to show/Hide widgets

Show (or hide) content from your user based on query strings (URL variables) or POST variables

Change Font and background colors

Control the color based on the value of a variable.

manipulate text

Display all the text in the variable, some of the text or something completely different.

frequently asked questions

Is there a premium version available?

No. You get complete functionality for free. This plugin was made to support our primary business Reviewing (NPS/review software for small businesses, freelancers and side-hustles).

Can you add functionality?

Probably :). We like ideas. Send us a message we will take a look at integrating new functionality.

How can I support you?

Wow! It’s so nice of you to want to support plugin developers who work to improve the WordPress community. You can link to us and tell your friends. While we don’t make money from this project, seeing it get used is payment enough for us 🙂

Really, how can I give back to you?

You’ve twisted our arm. If you really want to help, check out our small business software (you might find you want to grow your online reviews or get actional feedback from your customers.